Welcome to Hillbillie Offroad
20491 Otterville Rd
Jerseyville, Illinois 62052


Riding memberships, Grafton Illinois, can am, Polaris.

Family Plan

Family plan membership covers a couple and kids to age 21.


Single Member

Perfect for the person that does not have a wife or kids that comes on a regular basis.


Membership Details

Membership holders can ride weekends we are normally not open. in 2019 we will only be event only.

Members get discounts on cabin and camping.

Scheduled night rides with Rick.

Members get discounts or free admission depending on events.

The membership package is good through 2019.

Members are looked at as elite park stewards and are expected to look after the best interest of the facility, Help maintain trails, Keep the park clean, Know and follow the rules and boundary's.

Membership is only available to SXS, Utility quads, jeeps. No loud exhaust, sport quad or dirt bike riders on member only weekends. we are giving the family and neighbors a break on the hell we raise!